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We repairing security system after DDos attacks

Dear customer,

After yesterday's problems with DDoS attacks, today we have problems with the security system, with the result that some users may receive a message that their IP is banned.

Please do not worry, please be patient, we are working hard to fix it asap.
We will update you soon with email notification.

jennifer2020   March 21, 2024

Nordine Yalaoui <nordine.yalaoui@gmail.com>

08:16 (il y a 4 minutes)

À support, admin
Good morning Dear all,

I create my account and i pay for see and downlod movies Could you check all below information from paypal expences.

Athasia Nicole Aliac
18 mars·Payment Sent
−46,08 $USD
Payé avec

Could you open asap please Athasia Nicole Aliac−46,08 $ USD 18 mars 2024 . Payment Sent Payé avec Carte de débit VISA x-7005 Vous verrez "PAYPAL *ATHASIANICO" sur votre relevé de carte. 44,16 € Taux de conversion de monnaie électronique 44,16 € EUR = 46,08 $ USD 1 EUR = 1,0436 $US USD Numéro de transaction 24819377KV606444Y Informations du vendeurAthasia Nicole Aliac Numéro de facture WC-801

Détails de l&#x

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