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Cooperation struggle against debrid/leech | Совместная борьба с debrid/leech сервисами
February 16th, 2021

Dear Partner!

We consider webmasters as
diligent workers with creating, fixing, and publishing content for
increasing earnings, downloads, and sales amounts, but, unfortunately,
some malicious services trying to affect all of that for the personal
We mean the most harmful ones, so-called debrid or leech services.

The idea of them is simple: by paying those services once, the user gets access to unlimited premium at multiply filehosts.
the user makes just one purchase at debrid/leech and does not make any
more purchases on webmasters files. As a result, we get a decrease in
site revenue and webmasters earnings as partners.  This problem
requires a solution and our united impact.

We would like to
resolve this issue as a matter of urgency. That is why we involve all
those partners who would like to cooperate with us to get rid of those
malicious services.
Nothing can replace human mindfulness. We hope for the partners' support and all interested parties!
now, we have launched a number of updates to reduce the amount of the
anti-debrid links to prevent these violations in the nearest future.

to block the debrid or leech premium access which is used by this
service, you need to get a link to the special file and try to download
it via some debrid/leech service.
You can generate anti-debris links here, on this page - https://file.al/antidebrid
will provide us with the opportunity to automatically detect and block
premium accesses that were purchased and used only for debrid/leech

But, please, be careful!
Do not download anything
being logged in your personal premium account by anti-debrid links
you've generated. Otherwise, your premium access will be blocked. In
case of accidental blocking, please contact our support team
https://support.file.al and we will unblock your premium access.

We look forward to your participation!
Together we will achieve an excellent result.


Уважаемый Партнер!

то время, когда вебмастера ведут кропотливую работу по созданию,
редактированию и постингу различного контента для повышения своего
заработка, количества скачиваний и продаж, некоторые сервисы пытаются
этому всячески помешать.

Речь о так называемых debrid/leech
сервисах. Их суть проста, заплатив такому сервису один раз, пользователь
получает премиум доступ сразу к нескольким сервисам файлового обмена.
образом, пользователь совершает единоразовую покупку на debrid/leech
сервисе и не совершает больше никаких покупок на файлах вебмастеров.
В результате чего это пагубно влияет на доход нашего сервиса и на заработок вебмастеров в целом.

проблема требует решения и коллективного участия. Мы хотели бы привлечь
всех желающих партнеров к борьбе с подобными сервисами.
Ничто не заменит человеческую внимательность.
Мы надеемся на вашу поддержку!

На сегодняшний день внесен ряд доработок для сокращения и предотвращения роста debrid/leech сервисов в дальнейшем.
Был доработан алгоритм анти-дебрид ссылок, также проведен ряд работ для более продуктивного отслеживания и блокировки.

заблокировать работу debrid/leech сервиса, а точнее заблокировать
премиум доступ который используется этим сервисом, нужно получить ссылку
на специальный файл и попробовать скачать его через debrid/leech
Сгенерировать такую анти-дебрид ссылку, Вы можете на этой странице - https://file.al/antidebrid
даст нам возможность автоматически обнаружить и заблокировать
премиум-аккаунты, которые используются для работы debrid/leech сервисов.

Но, будьте осторожны!
Не скачивайте файлы по сгенерированным Вами ссылкам через личный премиум-аккаунт, иначе он будет заблокирован.
случае случайной блокировки, свяжитесь с нашей службой поддержки по
ссылке https://support.file.al, мы разблокируем Ваш премиум доступ.

Спасибо, за Ваше участие!
Совместными силами мы достигнем отличного результата.


Regarding WMZ and BTC withdrawals!!!
July 14th, 2020

WMZ and BTC transfer withdrawals are fully available!

  • Minimum amount is $5.
  • Payouts will be made once per 2 weeks.

In order to the Payout Requests Policy you are able to create new separate orders and we will process them in full.


BTC payouts temporary disabled (23.11.2018)
November 23th, 2018

Dear Partners!

Currently we as mamy more filehosts/affiliate programs have some issues with supplier of the BTC currency, so this payout method is temporary disabled for few weeks.

Please follow our news, we will enable this method asap when issues with BTC will be resolved around the World.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Issues with Webmoney and Paypal withdrawals
June 20th, 2018

Dear partners!

We are reallocating our company and Webmoney accounts to improve stability and security of inward/outward transfers.

We can't process Webmoney and Paypal transfers at this moment. We can offer 2 options:

1. wait until we resolve our new solution (WMZ/Paypal transfers in PENDING status)
2. proceed with BTC withdrawal method, we have a lot of bitcoins reserved

During next week WMZ/PAYPAL withdrawals might be delayed due to technical reasons caused by our main finance source improvement.


BTC-e and bitcoins payouts temporary disabled
July 26th, 2017

Hello dear Partner,

As you may know, btc-e.com is down more than 24 hours (it is our main exchanger USD to BTC).
It’s terrible for this big exchanger, because we have sent a lot of money via WIRE transfer to them few days ago and we hope that our money is safe and site will be up in few days.

If you like, we can pay your current order with webmoney, please send to admin@file.al your WMZ purse.
Thank you for understanding and we are still waiting for btc-e will be alive.


Delay with payouts due technical reasons
April 09th, 2017

Dear Partners!

We are reallocating our company and bank account to improve stability and security of inward/outward transfers.

During next week WMZ/BTC-E/PAYPAL withdrawals might be delayed due technical reasons caused by our main finance source improvement.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


BTC payouts temporary disabled
December 23th, 2016

Dear Partner!

Currently we have some issues/troubles with supplier of the BTC currency and BTC-E vouchers, so this payout method is temporary disabled.

Please follow our news, we will enable this method asap.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


BTC-E Code and BTC withdrawals are available
July 15th, 2016

BTC-E Code and BTC withdrawals are available now!
Fill your wallet details and make orders.


Temporary issues with BTC(e) payouts
June 13th, 2016

Dear Partner!

Currently we have some issues/troubles with supplier of the BTC currency and BTC-E vouchers, and we can not pay you using this method.

Our partners processing this issues, but when we will resume payouts to BTC(e), we do not know yet.

However, We always can pay you via Webmoney (WMZ) or Paypal without any commission fees.

Please reply us with payment details of these payment systems and we will process your payouts asap.
If you have any questions, please contact us.


We repairing security system after DDos attacks
April 05th, 2016

Dear customer,

After yesterday's problems with DDoS attacks, today we have problems with the security system, with the result that some users may receive a message that their IP is banned.

Please do not worry, please be patient, we are working hard to fix it asap.
We will update you soon with email notification.


We have increased PPS rates to 55x55%!
December 27th, 2015

Due Christmas Holidays we have created action and increased all PPS rates for +5% to all our Affiliates due to 2016/03/27!


Our banners
October 27th, 2015

We have banners!
Here you can download it, just copy link to your browser's address line:

- Affiliate banners https://file.al/images/pr/ref/File.al_REF_banners.zip
- Premium banners https://file.al/images/pr/ref/File.al_REF_banners.zip


About payouts to affiliates
October 27th, 2015

We making payments 2-3 times per week, ussually in

- mondays
- wednesdays
- fridays

Minimal amount is $20 only.
Payment are made to WMZ, Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, Wire transfer etc.


Our affiliate program pay-per-sales
August 11th, 2015


We offer PPS with simple rates:
- 50% from sales and 50% from rebills;
- 10% from domain sales;
- 5% from referral earnings;

Our Premium prices here https://file.al/?op=payments
Simplest registration without any activation. Just upload, share and start earning!
Registration is here https://file.al/?op=registration