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File.AL offers you a great opportunity to earn money!


We offer unique terms and make the most extensive toolkit available for you - from remote upload, FTP, comprehensive statistics, files duplicates to different file status options.

Now you are free to choose between several earning plans outlined here.

Obviously, both experienced web masters and beginners will find these offers interesting.

Please note that you can switch between Payment Modes once every 7 days. However per download program is selected by default.

Website owners earn extra 5% of all sales coming via their sites no matter who made the sale. Our webmaster referral program pays 5% of your referral's income.

There is just nothing like File.al out there!

Earn money:
  • Use your sites, blogs and other resources to share your files with the world!
  • Downloads from all countries are counted.
  • We pay up to $30 per 1000 downloads. *new
  • We pay 55% commission on all sales and rebills or 70% of all sales and 30% of rebills.
  • Our system is flexible, you can always switch between earning plans!
  • We pay 5% for webmaster referral.
  • Website owners, earn 5% for memberships sold via your site even if the sale is not yours!
Per download:

By default you start on a per download program, but you can always switch to one of the pay per sale programs inside your account admin area by going to Advanced Options and selecting the plan you want.

If your level is:

  1. You get Level 5% at the beginning.
  2. You level will increase down the road.
  3. Your level shows how much we pay you.

There is only one thing that affects your level:

The quantity of sold premium accounts in relation to your traffic volume. How much your traffic is worth is determined automatically and updated every 24 hours by calculating the rate based on your conversion ratio for the last 3 days.

Advanced affiliates:

We are happy to offer custom terms to our advanced affiliates. If you are a high earning webmaster, feel free to contact us to discuss this in further details.

Webmaster Referral:

Refer other webmasters to join File.al and we'll give you 5% of all sales & rebills they generate. This means a lot of extra cash simply for advising other webmasters to work with ORON! Grab your link codes and put them in your Resources page, Message Board signature, etc...

Website owners:

Website owners can earn 5% for memberships sold via their sites even if the actual sale belongs to a different affiliate.

Reseller program:

You will be able to create premium accounts with 30% discount.

Terms and Conditions:

1. We count all free downloads, from all countries.
2. Downloads are counted without limitations (multiple downloads are counted).
3. Please familiarize yourself with our TOS and our FAQ page. Please do not engage in any attempts to cheat the system because it will only result in account suspension without pay.
4. Payout of referral earnings is available for all users.
5. Minimum payout amount is $100.
6. File.al pays on request within 7 days. We are proud to offer you great payout solutions - Paypal, Webmoney, AlertPay and Wire Transfer.
7. No country-based restrictions - free downloads for everyone, worldwide, guaranteed!

Our affiliate program is intended for every registered member in our site.